Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!"

I really want to thank my very dear friend, Linda, for taking care of me yesterday! I had a kidney stone attack, while I was at home alone with my 11 year old. My mom was still at work, so I called Linda, and she didn't hesitate one minute!

She got me to Convenient Care, and after getting one of those 'special' shots, I believe I ended up being a handful for her! *wink, wink* Nonetheless, she got me home, safe and sound!!

Linda, I appreciate you tons for tending and putting up with me! I am so glad you were at the other end of that line when I called yesterday!!!

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Michelle said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that JoAnna! Hope you are feeling better today.
(Don't forget, I am right across the street if you need ANYTHING!!!)

Us 4 Vol Fans said...

JoAnna, I hope you are feeling better today.

Unknown said...

Oh no! Hope you are better today!!!

Rochelle W said...

Bummer that you had to go through that. Great that you have friends that you can count on. Hope you are feeling better!