Monday, June 16, 2008

"3rd Annual Stamp Extravaganza"

Hi, everybody!! There is a new contest at A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA and I really need your help to win!! I am to refer my friends, (that's where you come in *wink*), to register and list my full name (JoAnna Goodman) in the "referred by" box on the online form. They are going to award prizes for the top 3 referrals and also have a random weekly winner. So, I'll really appreciate any of you that can take a minute or two and hop over there and register!

Also, I wanted to let any of my local gal pals know that this 'stamp extravaganza' is scheduled to be at Eclectica in Memphis the week of July 7th - July 13th. What fun! Each day is scheduled with a great event! I can't wait!


Michelle said...

I went and registered JoAnna. Hope you win!

Unknown said...

Done! Good luck! I hope you win!!!