Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Sweet Treats"

Look at the surprise Alyssa and I got in the mail today from Rochelle! She was mailing me some more of those $ spot mailboxes, but she also included these 'sweet treats' for each of us! She is just too good to us!!

She has scored so many points with Alyssa it is unreal! LOL Alyssa finally said today..."I love Mrs. Rochelle".

So, thank you, Rochelle! You made our day!!


Rochelle W said...

I can't believe that they got there so fast. I can't wait to see how you decorate the mailboxes. Enjoy the treats too. You two are so sweet and deserve something sweet as well. I feel as if I know you guys for real. Tell Alyssa that I think she is one cool chick too.

Anonymous said...

Your friend, Rochelle, is a very talented and thoughtful person, too, just like you. You two should meet. I want to look at her blog and see the cards she makes since I am trying to get into the card making thing. I need all the ideas and help I can get.

Linda W.