Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Snow Day"

Alyssa finally got a 'snow day' today! She was thrilled this morning when our school system was listed as closed and she didn't even have to get out of bed! We didn't get much snow, it was mainly because of slick roads. The sun is out right now, but we are suppose to get another round later this evening.


Rochelle W said...

I used to love snow days too. We got a lot when I was little living in MN. Stay in a stay warm. AND STAMP!!! Good day for catching up.

Michelle said...

This was just a tease "snow day"! We are SO ready for a BIG snow! And then it can warm up and Spring can come on in! We just want one good snow to play in!!!!! Maybe we will get it tonight. I was wondering if you all got to miss school. Tell Alyssa Jacob is still having to do his school, one downfall of homeschooling!
Enjoy your day!