Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Girls Night Out"

Alyssa and I had a 'Girls Night Out' Friday night! We drove to Dyersburg for the opening night of the Hannah Montana 3-D movie! It was a mad house there! The local news channel even showed up! We had a blast! It was, by far, the coolest thing I've seen in a theater! The movie was sold out and the theater was filled with girls, who, by the way, knew every word to every song! LOL Alyssa thought it was very cool and that is definitely what mattered the most!!

Alyssa with her 3-D glasses on!


Rochelle W said...

I am so jealous! We are going this week. You are so lucky to have gone opening night. We are HUGE Hanna Montana fans at our house. I can't wait to go.

Michelle said...

I bet you both had a great time.

Us 4 Vol Fans said...

I'm glad that you both enjoyed the movie. We did too!

Anonymous said...

Reading these other comments make me feel my age. Plus the 3-D glasses. I just about cracked up when you asked me if I remembered 3-D glasses. Yes, but the movies then were black & white and they were almost always scary movies with a monster of some sort. Alyssa is growing up so fast.

Linda W.

Rochelle W said...

Love the shades!!!
Alyssa, you look like a Cali Girl.