Monday, December 17, 2007

"School Gifts"

These are a few of the various gifts heading to school with Alyssa tomorrow. Her last day before winter break is Wednesday and she doesn't want to take it all on that day.

There are some snowman Trident gum holders; a Hershey's nugget tin; a 4 oz tin filled with miniature Reese's peanut butter cups; a tall tea tin filled with mixed nuts; and four (4) decorated Hershey's nuggets in a cardstock 'wrap'.

I've fixed a basket for Alyssa to carry everything in tomorrow to hand out these goodies. Then, I guess when she brings it back, it will just get filled again with class treats to head back to school on Wednesday. Whew! LOL!


Rochelle W said...

Great gift sets!!

Anonymous said...

What a super set of presents. Do you have instructions on the 4 nuggets wrapped in card stock. This is the perfect size for a project.

Diane said...

Lovely gift sets!!!