Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Christmas Class Treats"

Sorry it's been forever since I last posted. I've been finishing up all my Christmas orders. I'm on my last one, so all is good!

These are the class treats I made for Alyssa to take to school Wednesday. I cannot remember who I got this cute & easy idea from, but it is ingenious!

I used the SU round tab punch and slot punch; stamped a little gingerbread man on the tab; then wrapped it around 5 pixy sticks and tied it with some ribbon. Easy, peasy...but cute!!

I know this class treat may not look all that fabulous, but...1. At this point in the game, easy works for me; 2. They are 5th graders...let's face it, they'll tear the little wrapper off and eat the candy; and lastly, 3. My dear daughter, Alyssa, thought they were cool. So, there you have it! LOL

I've posted a smaller photo of one of the tabs closer up.

p.s. I found where I got this idea: From Lorraine Rowe at Splitcoast. Thanks, Lorraine!!


Rochelle W said...

These are super cute. What an easy idea. Great gift for 5th graders.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through SCS. These are great. I teach 3rd graders and may do these for valentine's. You're so right, they don't care about the cute wrapping!! I may do these for my daughter's pre-k class too!!

Thanks for the great idea