Friday, December 21, 2007

"Last Minute Stocking Stuffers"

I found this adorable idea on SCS from The Basic Scrapper for Magical M&Ms. So, I just had to make some for stocking stuffers.
I used plastic test tubes, that I ordered from Oriental Trade, and filled them each with M&Ms. I then typed the cute poem and attached it to the tubes with misc. Offray ribbon. I think these would make great party favors for any time of year! Below, is the Magical M&Ms poem:
Each color is a different cure;
Of this fact, we're very sure.
When you're grouchy and a little mean,
We truly recommend the green.
For times when you are down,
The very best choice will be the brown.
Orange's oh so special coating.
Will help minimize any bloating.
If you have an ache in your head,
This will surely be cured by the red.
Need something to help you be mellow?
Take a dose of the yellow.
If anxiety feelings overcome you,
Just eat a hefty handful of blue.
And, if your day comes unglued,
Just eat the whole tube!


Rochelle W said...

Funny poem. Super cute project. Also I love your new look!!

Jane said...

Where did you find the test tubes at? These are adorable!