Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Money Tin"

My sweet niece, Lauren, graduated last night! She graduated from the same Alma Mater that my sister and I did! 'Ole Purple Pride! Milan Bulldogs!!

Everyone was giving her money in cards, so I thought I'd decorate up a tin and put my money to her in it. You know, something she can keep, and put other things in later.

Anyway, I used a hinged tin from Papertrey, and ran a strip of purple & white checked ribbon down the middle and adhered each end to the inside of the lid with glue dots. I layered a white square over a purple scalloped square, before adhering cap & diploma stickers. To cover the ends of the ribbon on the inside lid, I cut a piece of white cardstock to fit just inside the lid, and wrote my sentiments on it. Quick & easy!!

We are all so proud of Lauren!!! She did it!!! Class of 2008!!

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