Monday, April 7, 2008

"Monkey Business"

First off, sorry this image is so fuzzy! I decorated this composition book for my booth in April. I absolutely love the monkey paper by Creative Imaginations. I also tore some banana paper down the side, then layered it with a brown satin ribbon. I wish the picture was clearer, because it turn out too cute in real life! (I may just have to take another photo and post a clearer one!)
I was going to add a stamped monkey image in the corner, but then realized I'd just be covering up a monkey on the paper....DUH?!?!
I've got another composition book to cover, and I think I'm going to use my new penguin paper on it. I'll post it soon!!


Rochelle W said...

That really is cute paper Joanna.

Unknown said...

The Monkey paper is so cute!!! I think these notebooks will be a big seller for you!

Wanda said...

Such an adorable book!