Friday, February 22, 2008

"Papertrey Tins"

These are my two favorite types of tins from Papertrey. I will be decorating both styles for my booth in April. They were both good sellers for me in October.

The nugget tin holds a perfect dozen Hershey's nuggets, so it makes a great gift to give or receive. You can decorate the nuggets for any occassion.

The tall tea tin is the perfect gift to hold chocolate sticks, small candy, mixed nuts, etc. It can also be decorated for any occassion, as well. I've decorated this one kinda masculine and have filled it with trail mix. It would make a perfect Father's Day gift.


Rochelle W said...

Awesome!! I love them too. I like the masculine theme. They should sell well since cute boy stuff is hard to find. Nice job on them by the way.

Unknown said...

How pretty! The large tin is a great idea for a boy/guy. Hard to think that Mothers Day and Fathers Day will be here soon! You are so organized!