Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Cupid Poop!"

I totally CASEd this from Marisa (Risa) Alvarez on SCS and her blog Memory* Preserves. She was a sweetheart in helping me with all the info on these! Thanks, Risa!
I filled these plastic containers with red hot candies and then tied them with with misc. sheer ribbons. I attached the scallop circle 'cards' also with ribbons and adhered the typed poem to the back of the circle. Below is the cute poem:
Cupid Poop!
I couldn't send you flowers
and candy wouldn't do
and mushy cards just didn't
say the things I want them to.
So, I got you something special
and here's the inside scoop
I found you something very rare
it's genuine Cupid poop!
**Alot of people have asked where I got the containers for this project. I just wanted to let everyone know that these are 'clamshell' containers you receive as a gift with purchase from The Angel Company****


Michelle said...

OH MY Joanna! I just laughed & laughed at this! Thanks I needed a little humor this morning. I can always count on you!
Cupid Poop...........LOL......
(still laughing)

Anonymous said...

Cupid Poop! How funny! These are too cute!

Lisa B.

Rochelle W said...

Ha ha ha ha. Cupid poop. That is cute.

Aprille Roberts said...

Michelle posted on her blog that people ought to take a look at this, and it is so cute! What a great gift idea, love it!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea!!! Your creative mind is always on go. I'm going to try this for the gals at the office.

Linda W.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea. Can you share where you found the plastic containers?

lifesabeach32940 said...

You are just too, too talented!! What a GREAT project!! I love your blog. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your inspiration!! Could you tell me where you found the plastic containers? I so want to make one of these for my daughter. She'll get a real kick out of it!! :)


Unknown said...

This is really cute! I would love to borrow your photo for my Cupid Crafts for Kids page here:

I linked back to this page and gave you credit for the photo. Please check it out and let me know if you'd like me to remove it. I will do so promptly at your request. Thank you!