Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Peppermint Patties Treats"

Well, I had to make a trip back to the doctor's office today. I've got the yuck!! I had to get a sinus cocktail shot, so hopefully, by tomorrow I will not feel like I'm dying! Anyhow, you know I can't go to the doctor's office empty handed, sick or not! So, last night, I made up these peppermint patties treats.

If you look close, do you recognize the cute little fella on the treats? I stamped the image of my snowman, then reduced it on my copier until he was tiny enough to fit into my 1 1/4 circle punch. I hope all of you are not tired of seeing him, because I keep coming up with ways to use him this holiday season.


Anonymous said...

I could never get tired of seeing him. He's so darn cute!!!!

Lisa B.

Rochelle W said...

Very creative. Super cute.

Unknown said...

Very very cute! Feel better!

Bella Rose Creations said...

That little snowman is adorable! I hope you feel better! And I really like how your made those peppermint sandwiches (so cute on their own) look even MORE like a little gift!

Anonymous said...

JoAnna, love the snowman theme. You really helped me out. I traditionally give hundreds of Christmas gifts to those who need to know they are special -- seniors, abused women, homeless, people who can't quite get their lives together. This year because of health issues time just wasn't there. After looking at your cute snowmen, I decided that I would just change my cards and wrapping style and use snowmen for winter gifts. I finished cardiac rehab yesterday -- husband begins next week. My car is loaded with the cute little gifts that need to be wrapped for a Senior Day Care Christmas Party but everything else will work just as well next year. I am thankful we are alive with no heart damage -- stents corrected the blockages and we have gotten serious about diet and exercise. Your perky snowmen brought about needed attitude adjustment and showed me another way to deliver expressions of God's love.

Hope you are soon mended.