Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"New Little Holiday Treat"

I've once again figured out a way to use my snowman stamp. This time, however, I've reduced him even smaller. (I think this is about as small as he's going to get!) Anyway, while I was browsing Nichole Heady's blog, she had posted an adorable example using miniature Reese's Cups for like a Valentine's treat. Well, I'm still trying to finish up Christmas, so hence, the faithful snowman stamp. Thanks to Nichole for the idea...I just changed it around for a Christmas treat gift.

This is a picture before I sealed it up. I've adhered a circle punched snowman images to the tops of four miniature Reese's and then placed some crinkly filler on top. I used a 4 oz clear top tin from Papertrey Ink. After putting the lid on, I wrapped a piece of white Doodlebug frills around the tin, adhering it on top. I know the picture shows a red scallop, however, I changed my topper and added a green circle punched from my Whale of a Punch, then layered on top is a 1 1/4 red circle. I stamped 'holiday treats' in the middle. The stamp is also from Papertrey, however, you could put anything in the middle. I've also posted a picture of the finished project. I think it turned out cute! Something different (but with the same 'ole snowman!) LOL


Rochelle W said...

Very very cute. I think I need to get me some of those tins.

Unknown said...

I saw her reeses cups, and never thought to do this. How wonderful your treats are!