Sunday, December 30, 2007

"After Dinner Boxes"

During Christmas all of my 3 step-brothers could not come home at the same time to visit. So, we have set aside a date in January that worked where 'everyone' can get together at my dad & stepmom's house for a wonderful "Christmas" dinner. So, I wanted to make an 'after dinner' treat for everyone.

To make these, I bought two dozen matchboxes at the Dollar Tree and emptied the matches into a ziploc bag at home. Now, they were ready to decorate! I wanted to use this patterned paper from PineCone Press because of the blues & whites we think of in January. After wrapping each box in the paper, I then tied them up with coordinating Offray ribbons. I also adhered a piece of white cardstock to the inside bottom of the box. Each box will hold a miniature Hershey's candy bar.


Anonymous said...

I love this. You are so creative Joanna!!!

Risa said...

What a great idea. Sweet and Simple...your family is going to love it!

Rochelle W said...

Man, that is way easier than making those pesky boxes. Great idea J.

Anonymous said... I'm trying to leave you a comment. You know, I never have luck with this. I also have a new cuttlebug and love it!!! I still love your snowman stamp. Looked at HL the other day but couldn't find him. I wish you and Alyssa the best for 2008. Keep up the great ya! lacee

cottagerca said...

My My, you are one creative lady. All the best and keep the pictures and instructions coming as you create.


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