Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"No Coal for Dr. Colotta"

I had an appointment yesterday with my most favorite doctor. (He's the family doctor and he takes such good care of us!) Oh, and did I mention that he is bad spoiled. LOL It is the 'norm' for me to take him treats and he's partial to chocolate and he graduated from Ole Miss, so hence, the tin. LOL

I decorated this tea tin and filled the inside with Hershey's nuggets. He was pleased to see it wasn't coal! heehee


Rochelle W said...

You are funny. Your doctor is a lucky guy. And I bet your hair dresser, your paper boy, the meter man, the mail man are lucky too. LOL

MissaTooU said...

I love your blog! I don't think you should worry about doing the same post over and over. I am enjoying seeing your work each day, and seeing what you are making and scrapping your ideas from you. I absolutely love the Snowman kisses. I have made a couple for my son's teachers. So keep up the wonderful ideas and Thank you for sharing.
Happy Holidays!