Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Just What The Doctor Ordered"

Well, I've got a doctor's appointment today and I am taking my very spoiled doctor a treat. Shall I explain. . . I have been going to this family doctor for over 10 years and he has always taken such good care of me & Alyssa. (My sister use to work for him, as well.) So, we just love him to death! Therefore, when I have an appointment, I always try to take him some kind of 'treat'.

My dear friend, Abbie, had given me some scraps of this Ole Miss school logo paper and, since he graduated from Ole Miss, I thought it would work perfect to decorate this container. I also tied ribbon around the lid and filled it with M&Ms to finish it off. I hope he likes it!


Rochelle W said...

He will love it. What a great patient you are.

Anonymous said...

He is SOOOOO spoiled as we both know!!! I know he ate this up. LITERALLY-kim