Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Alyssa's 13th Birthday Party"

My 'baby' girl will become a teenager this Thursday, November 12th. (It's hard for me to believe!)

So, we celebrated her birthday this past weekend at the TN Safari Park in Alamo. Everyone had a blast!! It was such a fun opportunity to see and feed animals that you normally wouldn't.

Alyssa was so excited that she fed a giraffe; zebra; ostrich; and, many others.

If you are in this area, I highly recommend checking this place out. The owners are very nice and have a great establishment.

Once you pay at the ticket booth, you have the opportunity to do a 'walk around' with some of the animals and feed them (i.e. the giraffe, lambs, pot-belly pigs, etc.), then you get in your car and drive through the safari area, where the animals come up to your car window and you feed them. This is when Alyssa fed an ostrich, llamas, zebras, etc. If you are interested, check out their website!