Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Make and Take"

These are the two 'make & take' items that my friend, Gina, and I made at Archiver's today!

We made the trip to Memphis for Archiver's 'holiday extravaganza' weekend. You could do these make & takes for free and they also had someone teaching how to create acrylic block frames for $10.

The store was packed with shoppers; Christmas music was playing; and, holiday ideas were everywhere! Needless to say, Gina and I were there for several hours! LOL We enjoyed ourselves, like we always do, when we're together!! Thanks for a fun day, Gina! Love ya!!


Melzie said...

Cute stuff! I went to an Archiver's in Boise (got there after I moved to MT- and I LOVED it. So sad we have none here.. :)

Unknown said...

Love that tree card! Wish we had archivers up here in the northeast. All our local stores seem to be closing!!

Anonymous said...

Better Gina than me. Once to Archiver's was enough for me. It's too tempting and I can't resist the temptations of such a sumptious scrapbooking store.

Linda W.