Friday, November 21, 2008

"Fun-Filled Friday!"

This is Alyssa's 12th birthday cake! Even though her birthday was last week, she came down with the flu and was unable to have her birthday party/sleepover until tonight.

So, I brought four girls home from school with Alyssa today and it has been wild ever since! heehee Tonight we'll be having a "Camp Rock" theme party, complete with the movie and popcorn.

Alyssa's adorable cake was decorated by Monica, the pastry chef/owner of Dumplins Restaurant in Jackson. I thought it turned out so cute with the guitars and music notes. Alyssa and her girlfriends definitely thought it was cool.

I've posted below a photo of the party favor cups I fixed for Alyssa and the girls. I found these adorable cone-like cups at the Dollar Tree and filled each with different lotions, candies, pencils, bath fizzies and a Camp Rock bracelet. The girls loved them!

Lastly, I thought it would be fun to do some crafts with the girls. So, I've planned out three different ones, and below I've posted one. I got the small acetate holders from Clear Dollar Stamps, along with the Seal stamp. The holder hold exactly three Hershey's kisses. So, I made a tag for the girl's that reads: "Sealed with a kiss" and they can adhered the stamped seal at the bottom, before tying it to the holder. I thought it would make a cute gift for them to take home. The other two crafts they are doing are covering/decorating mini composition books and making homemade lipgloss.

Someone say a prayer, I have a feeling it is going to be a long night! LOL

*permission was granted for the cake photo to be posted*


Michelle said...

We had such a BLAST!!! Thank you for having Amber included. She was such a "big girl"! Hope you make it through the night!!! LOL

Stampin' with Jessica said...

These are so cute. As always you do great work. I'm thinking my soon to be 12 year old girl is going to want the same kinda party :) Trying to come up with crafting projects for them to do.
Love the cake. How cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Alyssa's cake was beautiful. She has grown up so much in the few years I have known you all. Thank you for including me in the group. I know you had funning helping the girls craft. I also like the party treats. You always have such fun ideas. Alyssa sure has a "cool Mom".

Linda W.

jen said...

what an awesome cake!!