Sunday, September 28, 2008

"First Dance"

Alyssa went to her first dance at middle school Friday night. It was the Homecoming Social. She was soooo excited! Her cousin, Lauren, came over to get her all fixed up, while I, of course, took pictures. Alyssa and her girlfriends had a blast and danced until midnight!!


Michelle said...

I am just now seeing this! I love how she looks! Too cute. I am sad that I can't call you my neighbor anymore. I miss you and Alyssa. I am glad she had a fun time. Maybe I can see your house soon.

Rochelle W said...

Alyssa looks so grown up. She is so pretty. I know she makes you proud. I remember my first dance. I can honestly say that I didn't look as good as Alyssa does. LOL