Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"My Girls"

I thought I'd share a picture of my two favorite girls. . .Alyssa and Ariel. I took this picture this morning before taking Alyssa to school.

Sorry I've not posted in forever! I've got a horrible case of tendonitis in my right elbow and it's hard to even move it around!

Thanks for being patient and bearing with me!!


Rochelle W said...

Great picture of your "Girls" Hope your elbow is feeling better. I have tendonitis in my shoulders so I know how you feel. Get lots of rest and eat some Jelly Belly's. LOL
I just got back from the post office, I sent you a little something.

Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better today. I love this picture!

Aprille Roberts said...

This is a really sweet picture, I love Alyssa's new glasses! I'm sorry that your arm is giving you trouble. I come to town all the time, please do not hesitate to email me if you need anything!
April :0)