Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Miss Lily"

This is an adorable picture of Lily with the two Disney autograph books I decorated for her to take on her first trip, back in April.

Lily and her mom, Pam, had a great time and she got many, many signatures! Pam has already finished Lily's autograph scrapbook, and it is fabulous!! Now she is working on the actual Disney trip, and the pages are turning out great, as well!

I am so glad that Pam and Lily experienced the magic of Disney, because I know that Alyssa and I will never forget it!


Aprille Roberts said...

JoAnna, I love your autograph books, they were just out of this world amazing. You really do the best at all you do! YOU ROCK TOO!

Aprille :0)

Unknown said...

Looks like she had a great time! So nice that you made that book for her!

Rochelle W said...

A trip for her to remember for sure. She is a cutie.