Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Locker 101"

Here are a few of the things I decorated to get Alyssa's locker in top form for 6th grade!
*The magnetic purple holder was from Dollar Tree and I added a huge prima flower, then her initials with rub ons.
*The magnetic mirror in the frame also came from Dollar Tree. I, again, added primas, and glued plastic alphas to the top.
*She loved the wooden frog I got at Hobby Lobby, so, I glued a mini clothespin to the back, with magnet, so she can clip any messages to it!
*I had to frame a picture of her & best friend, Heather, for both, their lockers!
*And, of course, do you remember last year's chipboard "a", that I covered? Well, for now it's will serve another year! heehee

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Rochelle W said...

Awesome!!! Alyssa's locker is gonna ROCK!!! We don't have lockers at the schools here. Not even in the middle schools. I don't know about the high school but I don't think they have them either. The kids have to carry their backpacks with them all day with everything in them. Which sucks in the winter cause there is no place for the kids jackets either so they have to go with them from class to class. Plus they have to have all their books with them too. Sometimes those backpacks weigh 15 pounds or more.