Monday, July 28, 2008

"M&M Medicine"

By now, most of you know that when I go to the doctor, I always take him a 'treat' of some kind. Well, I've done the M&Ms in a test tube before, but I saw this on SCS and it was a little different twist, so I thought it would be perfect to take to Dr. Colotta!

I used a container from the bead section that held individual tubes, which was ideal to hold the separate colors of M&Ms. So, I decorated it up and this is what I came up with!

Below is a picture of how I decorated the lid and also the poem that I printed for the inside:

Each color is a different cure; of this fact I'm very sure.
When you're grouchy and a little mean, I truly recommend the GREEN.
Or the times when you're feeling down, the very best choice is the BROWN.
ORANGE'S oh so special coating, will help minimize any moping.
If you have an ache in your head, this will be cured by the RED.
Need something to help you mellow? Take a dose of the YELLOW.
If anxiety feelings overcome you, eat a handful of the BLUE.
If your day should come unglued, you'd better eat an entire tube!
These make great gifts! Especially for anyone you know that is sick -- this will lift their spirits! Dr. Colotta loved it just because it was chocolate!!
*Added note: The container used was bought in the bead section at Wal-Mart and it already had the individual test tubes included inside.


Scrapperbo said...

This is really cute!

I nominated you for an award. Please visit my blog for details!!

Wanda said...

This is absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE it!!!

Rochelle W said...

I love it. I saw the one on scs that you are talking about. I love yours. Awesome!!!

Dorothy said...

Awesome. I have a friend who just was diagnosed with breast cancer. I would love to make this for her. Where did you get the case and did you buy it empty? Thanks for sharing. I just love it and the poem to go with it!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! You always make things that shout LOVE. Thanks for inspiring me and reminding me to walk the way of love.

Valarie said...

This is so great! Would love to make this too for a friend recovering from an accident. Where did you buy case and tubes? Thanks for sharing all your awesome creations!

Aprille Roberts said...

Oh my goodness JoAnna, this is just the cutest thing! I think I need a prescription for these!
April :0)