Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Fun with Lip Gloss"

Alyssa and I had a fun day making homemade lip gloss! I got the great inspiration for this from Clear Dollar Stamps.

They have a wonderful stamp set called Lip Gloss Fun and the little jars with white (or black) lids to create your own lip gloss. What a fun craft for girls!!

The stamp set comes with different fruit stamps for all the different flavors you can create, plus the little extras to personalize it for a gift. (Alyssa has already decided she wants to make these for all her friends for Christmas!)

Here is a picture of one of the lip glosses that we've already tied-up in cello for Alyssa to give to our sweet little neighbor, Amber. She is four and loves anything pink. (So, I made sure her lip gloss was, of course, pink! heehee)

Also, following is the recipe that is posted on the Clear Dollar Stamp website for homemade lip gloss. This recipe is very easy and is what Alyssa and I went by in creating ours.
Fruity Lip Gloss
1. Melt 1 tsp. Vasoline
2. Add 1/4 tsp. Kool-Aid (sugar free)
3. Stir until dissolved and mixed together completely
4. Pour into lip gloss container
5. Let cool and apply


Anonymous said...

So, so cute!! Did Alyssa try any of the lip gloss? Just wondering how she liked it.

Unknown said...

So cute and so easy! Thanks for the suggestion! My neice would love this!

Michelle said...

It is so cute JoAnna! Thanks for sharing it. I wonder if you used the sweetened Kool Aide if it would work? That would REALLY taste good! LOL
Amber is going to love it!

Rochelle W said...

This is super cute. What a great idea.

Aprille Roberts said...

Thanks for sharing this JoAnna, this is such a great gift idea!