Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Vacation Time"

Just a quick note -- my mom, sister and niece, Lauren, have arrived in Cancun and are enjoying it rather nicely! (This trip was Lauren's graduation gift -- pretty neat, huh?)

Anyway, with my daughter off one way for 2 weeks and the rest of my gang hangin' out at a resort in Cancun for 7 days, I'm hoping to create, create, create! However, I would not have minded putting my toes in the sand abit! *wink* But, right now, I'm lovin' the quiteness around here.


Unknown said...

Enjoy the quiet! Great graduation gift, too! I love the quiet, gives me much needed time to reflect....oh yes, and create...!

Anonymous said...

Joanna! you know what happens when you stand in the sand! You topple over. Remember Hawaii. I love that story.

Linda W.