Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Church Scrapbooking"

This is a photo of three of the ladies involved in the scrapbooking class at the Church. They are great women of our Church. Standing from left to right is Ms. Ruth Ann & Ms. Loraine, and sitting is Ms. Opal. This morning we made great progress! Our topic for this month was on the "Church", so our goal was to get our pages prepared with a picture of the front of our Church and then leave journaling space for each to express what the church means to them. Next month's topic is on Rest.

They all liked their lamb I made for them. Now, I've got to decide what I'll make next month!

The guidebook I'm using for these classes each month is from Gifts from God. It is amazing and I am blessed to have the opportunity to do this with these ladies.


Michelle said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing with us JoAnna.

Anonymous said...

What a great class. I am wondering about you guide book - Gifts from God? What that just the theme you picked or an actually scrapbook quide book?
Thanks for sharing.