Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Medina Hornets"

This is an order I finished up today for my gal pal, Anndrea. She wanted a graduation autograph book for her son, Harrison, in his school colors. (Go, Hornets!) She also wanted a 'slider' gum holder, with my favorite scripture stamp on top!

Anndrea has placed other orders, as well, and I'll get them posted upon completion. Thank goodness she's being patient with me! I've been so busy, however, my list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter! LOL

Next week is the end of school for most of us around here, so I know I've got at least a couple more days to finish up!! LOL


Rochelle W said...

Very very cool Joanna!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Harrison was so proud that he got to have his autograph book for his class. This may be the beginning of an annual thing he has to do! Madison is so jealous!