Monday, April 28, 2008

"Prom 2008"

I will say that I am not ready for the words "Alyssa" and "prom" to be in the same sentence for quite awhile, but bless my sister's heart, she had both of hers going to prom this year! With all it takes to get ONE teenager ready these days, I would have to say that my sister deserved a Superwoman cape Friday getting TWO teenagers ready. Also, I know that I am a little bias, but I have to add, the two most gorgeous teenagers! Take a look at my niece, Lauren, and my nephew, Craig!


Unknown said...

Very pretty! and very handsome! I am sure they had a great time!

Michelle said...

Lauren is just beautiful! And Craig is so handsome!
Fun times I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Lauren is the image of Kim. Such a beautiful girl and Craig has grown into a handsome young man. I know you both are proud of them.