Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Gum Holders"

I have been asked to teach scrapbooking once a month to the senior women's group at church. In the class, part of my instruction involves helping the ladies create an album about themselves, titled "God's Good Gifts". So, each month, we work together on a different topic, in order to 'build' this album. It is going to be a great opportunity for fellowship for each of us!
Each month, my goal is to take everyone a little 'something' from me. (Last month, I gave them each a resin cross) Therefore, for this month, I made gum holders, in a variety of cardstock colors. It just a little reminder that I thought of each of them as I was preparing for my class.


Michelle said...

That is so sweet JoAnna! I am sure they will love them!

Rochelle W said...

You are too sweet. They will appreciate it for sure. Very cool what you are doing with them. Keep up the good work.