Monday, March 10, 2008

"Penny For Your Thoughts"

This post is especially for my dear friend, Pam. It is Alyssa's pressed coin collection from Disney World. I was treated to lunch today by Pam (thanks, again), and I forgot to bring this to show her.

Since she and her daughter, Lily, will be leaving for Disney next week, Alyssa wanted her to see the pennies she collected on our trip. Alyssa loved getting the pressed pennies at Disney, and she just knows that Lily would love to collect them, too!


Unknown said...

Pressed pennies are great! Wow! she has a great collection, too! My daughter collected those as well on our trips to Disney when she was younger. It is so much fun to collect them! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joanna! Lily is so excited and she loved her autograph books! Pam

Rochelle W said...

Super cool!! I have a couple but nothing like this. I think she got one of each. What a great keep sake.