Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Decorated Peppermint Patties"

These are some of the peppermint patties that I've started decorating for my booth. The possibilities with these are endless! I haven't decided on how I'm going to present them to sell, but when I get closer to the time and get more completed, I'll post them again!


Rochelle W said...

Awesome! I just got some of those chocolate coins at Walgreens and I am going to do them for the girls class. They are all the same size too. You know how you get the ones that are like three different sizes sometimes. Well I found them all the same. They are silver and gold. In the Easter section.

Unknown said...

Great idea! I will have to do some for my niece, nephews easter baskets..and my daughter's too, although she says she is too old....hahah! what she doesnt realize is that I will be sending her easter baskets until my little old fingers cannot make them anymore!