Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Birthday Boy"

Happy 17th Birthday, Craig!!! My nephew's birthday was actually yesterday, but we all went out tonight to celebrate! As usual, the birthday person gets to pick the place we eat, and more often than not, it's pricey! (But, that's the whole point, right?) Well, tonight was no different. Craig decided on Flatiron Grille in Jackson. A rather upscale restaurant, that only he had eaten at before.

Well, after all of us finally figured out how to translate the menu, I decided on 'Wetlands Pasta'. It was my first time eating duck! Not bad...just a little too spicy. However, below I've posted a picture of my dessert...I thought it was too cute and it was yummy!


Anonymous said...

I know that your family had a fun time at Craig's b'day. I know because your family treated me to a birthday once. Yours is a fun group. Thanks for telling us about the Flatiron Grill. I have thought about going there a couple of times because, after all, it is next door to Hobby Lobby and I thought it could be someplace to stop by and have a sandwich. Not!
As for your dessert, it looks like something they make on the Food Channel. Thanks for sharing.

Linda W.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have just recently started reading your blog and noticed you lived in West TN and you guys ate in Jackson. I guess you didn't have any damage from the tornadoes? I thought for sure you would have posted something if you'd been affected. But I was just checking! I grew up in Nashville and went to UT. I live in Charlotte, NC and have for the past 13 years.
I really enojoy your blog! Keep posting!!! :)

Rochelle W said...

How fun! Looks like you all had a great time. Your dessert looks so yummy.