Saturday, November 10, 2007

"My Beauty"

These pictures were taken last night at Alyssa's birthday party. I just could not get over how much she's growing up! She gets prettier every day!! (Her daddy is none to thrilled about either! LOL)
She had a blast with her friends! We ate pizza, then walked over to the theater to see The Bee Movie. It took my mom, sister and neighbor's help to 'herd' everyone through pizza, cake, presents and then the movie, but it all turned out fine!! Alyssa's actual birthday is Monday, November 12th!


Rochelle W said...

Alyssa is a beauty. I think she looks like her momma. Sounds like the girls had a great time. I hope she has a great birthday weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of Alyssa! WOW! She has grown up a lot since we last saw her. Time sure goes by fast!

She sure looks just like her mommy!

Lisa B.

Anonymous said...

She is going to be a heartbreaker. Doug is going to let her start dating when? She has grown so much in the few years I have know you all. You are very lucky to have her and she is very lucky to have you for her mother.

Miss Linda