Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Classroom Treats"

This is an order I just completed for a friend for her two daughters to give out in their classrooms. There are 40 total. They are the matchbook-style treats with a pack of Razzles stapled into each one. I used my Santa's hat stamp again on the front, because I just love the way it turns out with the Diamond stickles on the fur.

My dear friend, Linda, came over yesterday, and helped alot with the many steps to create these.


Rochelle W said...

These are super cute. Ummmm...what is a Razzle? LOL

Michelle said...

you are super busy these days!

Anonymous said...

Joanna, do you think you should tell Rochelle what Razzle is? First it's a candy and then it's a gum.

This finished product looks great!! Thanks again for the fun afternoon.


Rochelle W said...

Hmmmm... first it is candy, then it is gum. Weird. I have never heard of these. Very intrieguing.

Anonymous said...

This is the most exciting site! I'm so glad I fell upon it. You're so incredibly clever! Your products are just so ADORABLE!! Each one makes me smile. I love the match candy holders. My daughter told me her friends declared Fridays, "Friend Friday" and they're going to take turns bringing little gifts for each other. These are the first we're going to make. You've so many fun ideas, we cand wait to get started. Thanks so much for sharing!!