Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Gum Holders"

These are gum holders made out of cardstock and I just love them! I totally cased the idea from Rochelle -- I hope she doesn't mind! Rochelle recommended using only thin packs of gum, like Trident, with only 5 pieces in the pack. So, I was able to find some at Target, like she had. These will be for my booth, however, I am definitely going to be making more of these in the future. My daughter thinks they are cute and already wants me to make them for all her friends! LOL


Ladybug said...

How can I get the pattern for the gum holders? Very nice Thanks Denese You can e-mail me at

Rochelle W said...

Aren't they fun? Yours turned out great. I know you will sell a lot of them at your booth. I told you they were easy to make.

KerryM said...

Hi JoAnn:

I would love to have the gum pattern if possible. I love the ones that you did. My email is: -- Thanks so much! I love all your other ideas.