Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Taking Notes In Style"

These are a few of the memo pads I decorated for my booth in October. I have several more that are covered with patterned paper, but I've not tied the ribbons yet. (If you've not notice, I like lots of ribbon!?!?) LOL

I am hoping these will be good sellers, since they make the perfect gift for teachers, co-workers, or even stocking stuffers.

I've tried to do all of them in different patterns, hoping there will be something for everyone.


L Walker said...

I really like the one you did for me. I have tried to find memo books to make some for gifts, but you must have bought all the memo books in town. Great idea. I'm sure your October booth will be the greatest and the most profitable.

Rochelle W said...

Super cool. I love ribbons too. I bet they will be a good seller. They have to be. Look at them, they are great.

L Walker said...

I finally found the memo books and decorated one for a belated b'day gift.