Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Sweet Treats"

I was thrilled when I got my order of tins in from Papertrey Ink! I had seen how Nichole Heady had decorated some on her blog, Capture the Moment, so I ordered some tins and cased all her ideas! This is one of the clear-top hinged tins. I decorated white address labels with autumn leaves and wrapped them around hershey's nuggets. As Nichole promised from her blog, the tin holds a perfect dozen nuggets. After filling the tin, I then layered different widths and colors of ribbon around the tin, then topped it off with a label. Cute, huh?


Anonymous said...

Very cute! You will need to make a bunch of these tins for your booth. I'm sure they will be very popular sellers.

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa B.

Rochelle W said...

I love this. What a great gift. Great job on it by the way.

L Walker said...

Did you use autumn leaf stickers or stamps? Great idea for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.