Friday, August 10, 2007

"A+ Locker"

Ok....I know that all I've been posting is school stuff, but bare with me, this soon shall pass. LOL Well, I have come to learn that organizing and decorating your locker is a big part of 5th grade. (According to a 5th grader) So, for the last two nights, my dear daughter has 'collected' things to take to school the next day for her locker. I have already decorated her a mirror, picture frame and ordered locker shelves. Now, I've decorated this chipboard "a" with patterned paper, ribbon and magnets for her to add to her 'collection'. So, maybe our remodeling of a 5th grade locker is over...for now.


Anonymous said...

Very cute! I'm sure Alyssa will have the cutiest, or is it the coolest, locker in 5th grade.


Rochelle W said...

Super cute. She will have the best locker in the school. We don't have lockers in California. I know, stupid ha?

L Walker said...

I would like to do this for the daughters of a co-worker. Should be simple, both names begin with K. I know that Alyssa has the cutest locker in school (and a few of her friends).