Monday, June 11, 2007

"Teacher Gifts"

(First, I hope everyone will bare with me, I am very new at this 'blog' thing and this is my 1st post)

I made these magnetic, coaster, post-it note holders as gifts for my daughter's teachers for the last day of school. I pair each one with a matching RSVP pen. They were quick and easy, but turned out very cute!


kwarren said...

This idea is adorable. I really appreciate mine and use it quite often. Very handy on the side of my frig. thanks

L. Walker said...
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L. Walker said...

You passed on this great idea to me. My source for the coasters that you use did not pan out so I will have to look further. I am going to make these gifts for my secret pals and surprise gift for my family and friends. Thank you for the idea.

Linda Walker

Rochelle W said...

What a fantastic idea. Looks pretty easy too. I made one with a cork board piece on them and added three push pins. But I like your idea better with the post it notes.

Bella Rose Creations said...

I found your site from Rochelle! What wonderful creations you make! When you do the RSVP pens did you put on the microbeads? Just curious.