Monday, June 25, 2007

"Howdy, Partner"

Today was Alyssa's first day of horse camp! This is definitely a first for us...she is usually cheerleading. We bought her a new pair of boots, a new 'horse' t-shirt and a riding helmet and off we went. This is a picture of her first thing this morning...all fresh and new to this. However, if you could have seen and smelled her this afternoon, it was a totally different picture! LOL Surprisingly, she was thrilled that she got to clean out horse stalls. She has the rest of the week to go, and I hope come Friday, she will be as happy, dirty and smelly as today!


Lori Mac said...

Hey Jo:
Good to hear form you. I love your ideas as always. You know I am Party'n like a Rock Star as always. I have teenagers I have no choice!! Hope all is well, take care.
CU soon!!
Lori Mac

lacee said...

I signed up on whatever just so I could leave you a post. You are doing great jobs with all your creativness(not sure that's a word)! Keep up the good work and hugs to your angel!

Anonymous said...

How did Allysa make it by Friday after horse camp? Next thing you know, you'll be asking me where to buy her a horse......I found some cute horse paper at Sikeston Store a few weeks ago.....See ya Sat. at the crop at the Vineyard....Doing a great job on your blog....
Luv ya,
Threase D.

Rochelle W said...

How fun.